Construction Site Accidents: How Labor Shortage Increases The Risk Of Injuries And How To Pursue Payments

Posted on: 7 October 2022

Construction sites can be hazardous, with certain factors increasing the risk of injuries. A labor shortage is one of the most common because it makes employers hire fewer or less experienced employees. When this problem contributes to accidents and injuries, you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Therefore, you may want to contact a lawyer for advice and assistance in receiving your rightful payments. They will take the necessary legal measures to ensure you get these benefits, as you will learn in this article.

The Connection Between Labor Shortage and Construction Site Accidents

Construction companies have an obligation to employ enough workers to handle their projects. Furthermore, these employees must have the necessary skills to handle their assigned jobs. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case when there's a shortage of laborers. In these cases, some employers and contractors hire unqualified workers, particularly when they also want to complete their projects faster. This strategy increases the risk of injuries, e.g., when workers operate machines without the right qualifications.

Moreover, employers who hire an insufficient workforce overwork their skilled employees. Consequently, employees work longer hours, leading to fatigue and loss of concentration. This can cause them to make mistakes that result in serious injuries. On the other hand, some construction companies skip safety training and fail to provide fall protection, with the aim of saving money. When these issues lead to construction accidents, you may be eligible for compensation to cover your losses. Therefore, it is prudent to consider enlisting the services of a work-related injury attorney to assist you in building a strong case. They will investigate the accident and gather evidence against the offenders.

Payments for Injuries Sustained in Construction Accidents

Workers who suffer injuries on construction sites may get financial benefits to receive treatment for their injuries. The payment also covers the salary that injured workers lose while undergoing treatment. Employees who suffer total disability can also get benefits for their condition. In any case, your lawyer can evaluate your case to determine the payments you deserve. They will then take the necessary steps to hold the parties at fault responsible for your injuries. 

The main culprit in your case may be your employer, although other parties may have contributed to the accidents. Depending on your attorney's investigation results, you can file third claims against them. Doing so might enable you to get a comprehensive payment to cover all your accident-related expenses.

As the information above shows, labor shortage can be a huge contributor to construction site accidents. The parties responsible for these errors should face the law when workers suffer injuries. Therefore, you need to hire a work-related injury attorney to assist you in taking legal action against the wrongdoers and have them compensate you for your injuries and other losses.

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