Car Accident Lawsuits: Why Immediate Treatment Is Crucial To Your Case

Posted on: 5 April 2022

Failing to get professional medical treatment after a car crash is a costly mistake that might blow your chances of getting justice. It might give the insurance company a reason to reduce or deny you rightful payment. They will allege that your failure to seek medical care implies that your injuries were not as severe as you claim. 

That is why seeking professional medical services should be your top priority after being involved in a car crash. Your car accident lawyer will guide you in undertaking the medical examinations to avoid making errors that can jeopardize your case. This article looks at reasons why seeking immediate and ongoing treatment is vital. 

Importance of Seeking Immediate Medical Care

Medical records are critical in proving that you suffered pain and suffering that require compensation. You can request a checkup by the paramedics at the accident scene or visit the nearest medical facility for treatment. Typically, your doctor will conduct tests to determine the severity of your injuries. Then, they'll treat you and draft a report indicating the services they've offered and any other treatment procedures required during the healing process.

This doctor's report is essential when seeking compensation for your medical expenses, wage loss, and other damages. It enables your lawyer to prove that you sustained injuries in the auto accident if the insurance company objects to your claim. Besides that, the medical documents will guide your attorney when calculating the payment to request during the claim application.

Importance of Continuing With Treatment As Prescribed by Your Doctor

If your injuries require specialized care, your doctor might recommend additional checkups and further treatment. Failure to follow their recommended plan could give the insurance company a reason to lower your settlement. They'll argue that you don't require much compensation since you've recovered. 

In addition, the insurer might claim that your condition worsened because you didn't follow the doctor's recommended health plan. Therefore, your lawyer may advise you that even if you feel like your condition has improved, continue the treatment the way your doctor has prescribed it. 

As you can see, receiving a comprehensive medical checkup and treatment should be at the top of your priorities after a car collision. The medical records you obtain during treatment demonstrate the severity of your injuries and indicate the cost of the procedures. Most importantly, they form a crucial part of the evidence you will present before the insurance company and court. However, be sure you seek guidance from a auto accident lawyer as you receive treatment.