Important Reasons To Retain A Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Posted on: 28 June 2021

When you are hurt at work, you might receive well-intended advice from coworkers, friends, and relatives. However, none of them may actually have any legal experience in how best to handle your particular situation.

Instead of acting on poor advice from even the best-intentioned individuals, you can find out for sure what to do by speaking with an attorney. You can then follow through and pursue compensation that you are legally entitled to by retaining a workers' compensation lawyer.

Deciding the Best Legal Steps

When you have a knowledgeable workers' compensation lawyer representing you, you can get the help that you need to determine what steps to take after your accident. You might want to file an insurance claim and just let the insurance company decide if or how much compensation that you receive. However, your workers' compensation lawyer may advise you that you could get better results by filing a lawsuit.

Alternatively, you may be prepared to file a lawsuit and go to court when, in fact, all that you need to do is file an insurance claim and pursue it until it is paid out in full. Your workers' compensation can file that claim for you, stay in contact with the adjuster and agent, and make sure that you get your full compensation paid out quickly and entirely.

Pursuing a Settlement

Many insurance companies, however, prefer to stay out of the courtroom and likewise prefer to resolve contact that they must have with lawyers quickly. They know that a claimant who has a workers' compensation lawyer representing them can make a strong case that could win the favor of a judge or jury in a lawsuit.

To get your workers' compensation lawyer to close out your case, the insurance company that you file against may offer you a settlement. Your workers' compensation lawyer can vet the offer to settle thoroughly and weigh it against the personal injury laws in your state. They can determine if the amount is fair and in line with what you would win a court judgment. If necessary, your lawyer can negotiate a higher sum.

An experienced workers' compensation lawyer can provide assertive legal services to accident victims like you. They can advise you on what legal steps to take after you are injured and negotiate a quick and fair settlement.

For more information about getting compensation after a work-related injury, contact a local law office.