Hiring a Product Claim Attorney to File and Pursue a Lawsuit

Posted on: 23 February 2021

As a consumer, you expect the products that you buy and use to be safe. You do not anticipate them harming you or someone in your household. However, when you have been injured or made ill from something that you purchased, you have the right to take legal action against the manufacturer or seller. You can start by retaining a product claim attorney to represent you.

Determining the Damages

When you retain a product claim attorney, you can get legal help determining the worth of the damages that you suffered. You may initially assume that you can only file for a few hundred dollars in damages. In reality, however, you have the legal right to file for much more, perhaps even tens of thousands of dollars for your suffering.

Your product claim attorney can follow your state's personal injury laws to determine the amount of punitive damages for which to sue. He or she can also pursue damages related to you not being able to work, having to seek treatment or even having to undergo physical therapy because of your injuries. Your product claim attorney can win compensation for all of these expenses.

Proving Liability

Your product claim attorney can also show that the seller or manufacturer is liable for the injuries that you suffered. the other party may want to blame you for what happened and say that they had no fault in your injuries or illness. They want to avoid having to pay out damages to you.

Your product claim attorney, however, can gather evidence to show that you were not to blame and therefore do not bear responsibility for paying for your own expenses. He or she can file a lawsuit to hold the seller or manufacturer accountable and take the case to court for a judge or jury to decide, if necessary.

Settling the Case

Finally, your product claim attorney can act as your representative in any settlement negotiations that the seller or manufacturer initiate. They may want to offer you a settlement to stay out of court. Your lawyer can make sure the settlement compensates you fully and assigns the liability for your illness or injury to the rightful party.

A product claim attorney can provide you with critical services. He or she can determine how much to sue the seller or manufacturer for. He or she can also prove liability for what happened and negotiate a fair settlement.

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