3 Factors That Determine The Time To Settle An Auto Accident Lawsuit

Posted on: 16 December 2020

When people meet with an injury lawyer for the first time after being in an auto accident, a common question that comes up is how long it is going to take to get the compensation that they are seeking. Unfortunately, it is not a question that always has a clear answer. Here are some things you should know that factor into how long it takes to settle your case. 

Your Case's Unique Circumstances

One thing that you must realize is that every injury case is going to be different, so a lawyer cannot give you an example of a previous case and how long it took. Your case likely has different facts involving the accident, involves different insurance companies, and has your own unique injuries and medical bills that total up to a different amount. These are all going to factor into how long it takes to settle a case. For example, a minor injury and a straightforward case could result in a very quick settlement. 

Your Medical Treatment

The path to recovery is also going to play a big role into how long your case will go on for. You may not be completely recovered by the time you settle your case, but you'll likely want to be far along in your treatment process. This is so that you can have a general idea about when the end of the treatment is being estimated by your doctor and so you know know about the long-term effects of your injury that may be considered permanent damages. 

If you settle your case too early while you are in the early stages of medical treatment, then assumptions are going to have to be made about your recovery and what you will be physically capable of doing down the road. This is why your lawyer may choose to wait a while to start the legal process. As long as the case is started within the statute of limitations, you'll be on the path to receiving the most compensation possible.

Your Request For Medical Records

Your lawyer is going to have to request your medical records to move forward with your injury case. Unfortunately, the process of requesting the records can take a very long time. Between doctor, ER, and specialist appointments, you could be dealing with the slow process of receiving medical records that can take weeks or months. Once those records are received, your lawyer can start actually reviewing the records.

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