Common Medical Malpractice Cases

Posted on: 17 November 2020

If you are considering a case involving medical malpractice, you are not alone. Many people consider filing a personal injury lawsuit against a hospital, clinic, or medical professional when they face serious injuries and the costs associated with them.

These are some of the common issues people experience. If you have experienced one of these medical malpractice injuries, you should consider filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Anesthesia Issues

One of the most common issues people face involves anesthesia. An anesthesiologist may perform the job incorrectly or administer the wrong dosage, which can lead to serious issues when you are already in a vulnerable position.

Failure to Monitor Patients After Patient

When a medical professional fails to monitor a patient correctly after a treatment, the patient may experience a lot of serious issues that go unnoticed. Sometimes problems that arise require quick treatment to be fixed correctly.

Failure to Diagnose Medical Issues

When a doctor fails to diagnose medical issues, those conditions can worsen. It's possible that you could find your symptoms worsening, perhaps to the point that they no longer respond to treatment.

Surgical Errors

Additionally, some professionals may perform surgery incorrectly or might mess up some of the steps. For instance, you may later find that the doctor accidentally left a surgical instrument inside of you, leading to long-term health effects.

Failure to Refer Patients

You trust your doctor to provide you with accurate and adequate referrals to specialists when they are needed. When a doctor fails to provide the referrals you need, you might miss out on the treatment you need.

Improper Prescriptions & Treatment

When a doctor fails to prescribe the right medication or perform the right treatment, you may still be left with symptoms. In fact, it's possible that they could worsen over time.

Incorrect Medical Diagnosis

If you were diagnosed with the wrong condition, you could find that you are facing different treatments that are not beneficial to you. In fact, some could be dangerous and have long-lasting consequences for your health.

Misreading of Diagnostic Tools

A doctor misreading diagnostic tools can be very bad for your health. These tools could be used to provide the wrong diagnosis.

Speak With a Personal Injury Attorney Today

No matter what kind of medical malpractice injury you have experienced, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer. Your attorney will help you determine if you have a strong case, and you will move forward with adequate representation for your rights.