Birth Defects Due To Medical Negligence

Posted on: 22 July 2020

Although pregnancy is a natural experience for a woman, many of them still seek care from a physician to ensure that everything moves along in a healthy manner. Prenatal care involves a physician closely monitoring the development of the baby, as well as the health state of the mother. One perk of prenatal care is for a physician to prevent birth defects, although sometimes the defects can develop no matter how good of a physician he or she is. However, if a physician doesn't perform his or her job in the proper manner, numerous things can go wrong during pregnancy and the delivery process. If your baby was born with birth defects that you believe your prenatal care provider should be held responsible for, a lawyer can sort through the situation on your behalf.

Finding the Cause of the Birth Defects

One important task that a lawyer must do before your prenatal care provider can be held liable for the birth defects is to find out why they developed. For example, he or she might want to know about your family history and whether or not you consumed any illegal drugs during your pregnancy. Even if you consumed legal drugs that were prescribed by your physician, a lawyer must know about them. He or she will basically find out if the prescription drugs are what contributed to your baby having birth defects. How your physician handled any complications that you had while pregnant will also be investigated to determine if it contributed to the baby having birth defects.

Speaking to Specialists About Your Pregnancy

The best way for a lawyer to gain an understanding of how prenatal care should be carried out is by speaking to specialists. Based on what you tell him or her about how the physician handled your pregnancy, he or she will explain it to specialists. For example, if you say that you were prescribed drugs to control nausea, the lawyer will speak to the specialists about their safety. Some drugs contain chemicals or ingredients that are not safe for an unborn baby.

Demanding to Be Fairly Compensated

If your prenatal care physician is found to be liable for the birth defects of your baby, compensation is likely to be granted by a judge. The pain and suffering that you went through are one of the things that your lawyer will focus on when determining what to demand compensation. However, due to the baby having to deal with the birth defect for possibly the rest of his or her life, he or she will be compensated as well. The baby's compensated can be put into a trust that he or she could access upon becoming an adult.

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