How To Find The Right Attorney For Your Motorcycle Accident

Posted on: 21 January 2020

If you were in a motorcycle accident at the fault of another driver, you will want to hire a motorcycle attorney. Motorcycle accidents can be especially dangerous and leave the driver with lifelong injuries. You should be able to focus on your health and healing while an attorney handles your case. Dealing with insurance companies, bills, and even your job shouldn't be your priority right now. Here are a few ways you can begin your search for the right legal professional to start fighting this battle for you.

Cast the Net

Most law offices will want a brief summary of your case to review before they contact you. Consider sending an email describing the nature of your accident and your current state of injuries. You will want to interview multiple attorneys before you make your decision. You want to look for the right team that has handled cases similar to yours and won. It is crucial that they can handle this for you so you can focus on getting better. Send your case description to several local law offices and wait to see who responds and what their interest is.

Know the Fees

Knowing what fees you will expect to pay is crucial. Most motorcycle attorneys have a set percentage fee that they will take from the money you are awarded if your case wins. It is important to find an attorney that believes in your cause enough to be convinced you can win. You should think twice before hiring someone who charges by the hour. In most cases, attorneys will not take any payment if your case doesn't win. That can sound disappointing, but remember that smart attorneys wouldn't take cases they don't think will win! Know these fees so you are fully understanding this transaction for their services and don't feel surprised. 

Save Any Evidence From the Accident

If you have any photos from the accident you will want to hand them over. Anyone who witnessed your accident can be a huge asset to your motorcycle attorney. Stay organized and be prepared to give all of this info to your legal team so they can start piecing together your case. Write down all the details you can remember from the day of the crash so you are providing them with as much information as possible. Over time your memory can start to fade, so it's best to collect the information while it's fresh.

Motorcycle accidents can be a nightmare and your health is most important. Use these tips to start your search for help. Let a motorcycle attorney handle the legal stuff for you and help you get the financial care you deserve.