Three Mistakes To Avoid When Taking Legal Action After Being Injured In A Plane Crash

Posted on: 9 February 2022

Taking a small plane provides you with freedom and flexibility that isn't afforded to you if you hop on a commercial plane. However, while flying on a commercial plane is safer than traveling by car, flying on a small plane is not as safe as flying on a commercial plane. If your pilot was negligent and your plane crashes as a result, there are three things you'll want to avoid when taking legal action.

1. Don't Assume That a Small Plane is Safer  

A small plane can be very dangerous because it doesn't have the same safety features that can be found on commercial planes. Small planes fly at a lower altitude and are more likely to crash after a collision with a bird. 

However, one of the biggest concerns with small planes is that pilots do not need as much training to be allowed to operate a plane. As a result, a pilot might be more likely to make a mistake due to the lack of training. Despite the lower requirements for becoming a small plane pilot, a small plane can actually be harder to fly during bad weather.

2. Don't Delay When Gathering Evidence for Your Case

After the crash, you will need to have the wreckage examined by a professional to find out why the plane crashed. This is necessary to determine who should be held responsible for the crash so that you can take legal action.

The airplane pilot will be required to carry insurance and you will be able to negotiate a settlement with the insurance provider after reading the insurance policy of the pilot and determining how the insurance policy covers the accident. 

3. Don't Forget to Calculate Your Damages

All of your damages will need to be thoroughly documented. Most of your damages will likely be related to your medical expenses. These will not only include the initial medical expenses you must pay but also your future medical bills. For this reason, you will not want to accept a settlement until you have fully recovered.

Your personal injury lawyer will remain in close contact with you to keep up-to-date on how well you are recovering. Your lawyer will also want to make sure that you follow your doctor's instructions so you can make sure that you do not hurt your claim.

In addition to medical expenses, you will deserve compensation for your lost wages. Not only do you need to calculate the wages you have lost, but you must also prove that you are not able to work due to your injuries. While this can be difficult to accomplish while you're focused on recovering, it's much easier to do with a personal injury lawyer by your side.