In A No-Fault Insurance State? Don't Make These Mistakes After An Accident

Posted on: 22 April 2021

When it comes to who is responsible for paying for damages in an auto accident, some states have laws that make them no-fault insurance states. This means that blame is not put on either driver for causing the accident, and everyone is responsible for having their own insurance to pay for the damage. While this may simplify the process of establishing who is at fault, many people still make mistakes when they are injured and need to make a claim.

Mistake 1: Representing Yourself In Your Claim

The first mistake that people make is representing themselves when dealing with their insurance company. They assume that they are going to be fine because their insurance company is going to be on their side. However, an insurance company will suddenly become adverse to you when you start to make a claim that can result in a big payout. After all, the insurance company always wants to pay as little as possible.

If you have a minor injury without many medical bills, the stakes are low and you can risk representing yourself. However, any major injury should be handled by an injury lawyer rather than yourself. Lawyers know what they are doing and what they are up against to help prevent your claim from being diminished and denied. 

Mistake 2: Giving A Statement To The Insurance Company

At some point, the insurance company is going to reach out to you to make a statement. This conversation may even seem casual and done over the phone, which can catch you off guard. Unfortunately, the insurance provider is looking to use your statement against you. Know that the things you say in your statement will be used as part of your claim. For example, if you forget to say that you're suffering from a certain injury, they may use this to deny part of your injury claim later.

Never forget that the insurance adjuster is not on your side. Many injured people are working with their adjuster from the beginning and start to get a bit too comfortable with them when it comes to what they say. If you delay making a statement and meet with your lawyer first, they'll guide you through what you should and shouldn't say to avoid having your claim diminished as a result. 

Reach out to a local injury lawyer for more information about no-fault claims and working with insurance.