Why Some Cases Need a Commercial Wreck Attorney Rather Than an Auto Accident Attorney

Posted on: 25 September 2020

After you have been involved in a commercial wreck, you may be looking for a lawyer. You may notice that some lawyers specialize in commercial wrecks, auto accidents, and both types of accidents. There are several reasons why you will specifically want to hire a commercial vehicle wreck lawyer to address your case.

Seeking Compensation from a Commercial Driver

When you are injured due to the negligence of a commercial driver, the most common way that you would go about seeking compensation for your injuries is by writing a demand letter to the commercial insurance provider of the truck driver or the company that he works for.

Commercial insurance providers are much more proactive than auto accident insurance providers because of how much money is on the line. They will usually try to cover up the culpability that the driver had in the accident. Therefore, you will need an experienced commercial wreck attorney who will be prepared for this.

Commercial Truck Accidents Have More Variables

Commercial trucks can often be carrying hazardous materials that can cause injuries for other motorists if they are affected by these materials. For example, you may suffer chemical burns from chemicals being transported on the back of the truck. An auto accident attorney might not have experience with these types of situations.

Truck Drivers Must Follow Regulations

There are also regulations that commercial truck drivers must follow that other types of drivers may not have to worry about. For example, commercial truck drivers must keep a log of how many hours they spend driving and they must also minimize the number of hours that they spend driving. Unfortunately, some overworked drivers are still driving while exhausted and putting other drivers at risk. However, your lawyer will need to understand the regulations that the driver was supposed to follow to be able to show negligence.

Drivers are also required to meet higher standards when maintaining their vehicles. For instance, a driver is required to maintain the brakes. Therefore, you will need a lawyer who is knowledgeable about these requirements when building your case. 

There are often more parties involved in a commercial truck accident such as the employer, truck manufacturer, driver, and possibly other clients. With an auto accident case, on the other hand, your case will typically involve you and the auto insurance provider. Therefore, you will want to hire a commercial wreck attorney rather than an auto accident attorney.