How to Handle a Car Accident When You're Driving Out of State

Posted on: 15 September 2020

If you were involved in an accident while you were driving out of state, you may face additional complications with your case. It's harder to resolve things over distance, and you may have faced additional expenses. Here's what you should know.

You Have the Same General Rights As Always

The first thing to understand is that being in another state when you have an accident doesn't change your rights. You have the right to full compensation for any damage and injuries caused by another driver in a car or truck accident. This includes your medical bills, car repairs or replacement, lost wages, and other expenses. If your insurance company doesn't get you a full settlement, you have the right to hire an attorney and go to court.

Your Insurance May Provide Expanded Coverage

The laws for insurance are different in each state. If you have the legal minimum coverage for your state or don't have a certain coverage that's mandatory in others, your insurance coverage may automatically expand to give you the minimum limits required by the state you were driving in. This is generally the case since your insurance applies in all states and you need to have the legal minimum coverage.

However, an inexperienced claims adjuster may not know to apply the different limits to your claim, or your insurance company may not work in the state of your accident and be aware of their legal obligations there. Work with your attorney to make sure you're getting the coverage you're entitled to.

Extra Expenses Are Not Your Responsibility

If you get into an accident when you're in another state, you may face many additional expenses. These could include having to transport your car back home, being taken to an out-of-network hospital, or getting charged for an extended hospital stay or local accommodations if you're not fit to travel back home. All of these expenses are reasonably foreseeable costs of an accident that you're entitled to recover for.

The other driver may argue that it's not fair that they have to pay more because you traveled from far away, but that's not how the law works. However, the other driver and their insurance company may still push back; if this happens to you, then it would be wise to get an attorney to help you resolve your claim.

To learn more about what to do about your car accident while you were away from home, contact a local car accident attorney today.